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Measles Information

Updated as of: January 30th, 2019 at 1:30pm

No confirmed cases in Oregon City, but we want families to know the symptoms and where to get free immunizations and more information.

With over 30 confirmed cases in Clark County in Washington state, the spread of this disease is on our radar along with other districts and public agencies in Clackamas County. Symptoms of measles can include a high fever that may spike to 104 degrees or more; a cough; a runny nose; red, watery eyes; and a rash that breaks out 3-5 days after symptoms begin.

Anyone with suspected symptoms are urged to call (not visit) your medical provider to help prevent spreading the disease.

Health officials say one of their biggest concerns is the introduction of the measles virus into an unprotected population. According to the Oregon Department of Education Report Card for the 2017-18 school year, 92 percent of Oregon City students have received the required vaccinations.

Immunization Options

Families with students who have not received their vaccinations are urged to contact their healthcare provider. Immunization clinics are scheduled in our community:

February 5th from 4pm-6:30pm

  • Where: Boones Ferry Primary School, 1495 S.W. Wilsonville Road, Wilsonville, Oregon
  • Cost: Vaccines will be provided free of charge for children with no health insurance, those covered by the Oregon Health Plan, or insurance that does not cover their costs.

February 13th from 4pm-7pm

  • Where: Providence Willamette Falls, 519 15th Street, Oregon City, Oregon
  • Cost: Vaccines will be provided free of charge for children with no health insurance, those covered by the Oregon Health Plan,or insurance that does not cover their costs.

For more information about the clinics, please call 503-655-8799. Parents are urged to bring any immunization records they have; all immunizations are walk-in only, no appointments. A parent or guardian must be present to sign authorization forms for children under 15. Students 15 and older can sign their own forms.

In the Event of a Confirmed Case

Currently there are no confirmed measles cases in Oregon City schools. If and when any school has a confirmed case of measles, students without documentation of immunization will not be able to attend school for 21 days at the direction of Clackamas County Health. Staff, parents and community who need to enter a building with a confirmed case might be required to show proof of immunization or immunity at the direction of the health authority.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

If my child gets the vaccine after an exposure, how long before they can return to school?
If you wait to get the vaccine after an exposure, it is possible that you would not be able to return to school for 21 days or longer.

Who makes the final determination of who is allowed into our schools after an exposure?
Clackamas County Health makes the final determination on who can enter a school after an exposure.

What should school volunteers know?
We recommend that you prepare to prove your immunity to measles in case the outbreak spreads to Clackamas County. You are considered immune if any of the following are true:

  • You were born before 1957,
  • You have received 2 measles vaccinations (2 doses of MMR) confirmed by your healthcare provider,
  • You have had the measles disease, diagnosed by a health care provider and confirmed by a lab test,
  • You have had a titer blood test from your medical provider that shows immunity to measles.

For comments and questions please contact:
Tina Moore, RN, BSN
District Nurse
Oregon City School District
503-785-8400 ext. 7218