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New State Report Cards

October 11, 2013 - The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released its school report cards for the 2012-13 school year. These report cards have undergone extensive redesign.

The report card formats include:

Letter from principal or superintendent
School and district profile
Overall rating
Academic progress over time
Outcomes by student groups
Information on curriculum and learning environment

Oregon City School District overall school level ratings and achievement level ratings

Each school received two ratings:

An overall rating (Level 1-5), and
A comparison rating (Above Average, About Average, Below Average).

These ratings are further explained below.

Elementary Schools

Beavercreek Elementary School: Level 4/About Average
Candy Lane Elementary School: Level 4/Above Average
Gaffney Lane Elementary School: Level 4/About Average
Holcomb Elementary School: Level 4/About Average
Jennings Lodge Elementary School: Level 4/About Average
John McLoughlin Elementary School: Level 3/Below Average
Redland Elementary School: Level 4/About Average

Middle Schools

Gardiner Middle School: Level 4/About Average
Ogden Middle School: Level 4/About Average

High School

Oregon City Senior High School: Level 4/Above Average

Charter Schools

Alliance Charter Academy: Level 4/Above Average
Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences: Level 4/About Average
Oregon City Service Learning Academy: Level 1/Below Average
Springwater Environmental Sciences School: Level 5/Above Average

Understanding the new report card ratings

The overall rating formula weighs student growth more heavily than student achievement.

Instead of receiving a designation of outstanding, satisfactory, or in need of improvement, all schools now receive an overall school level rating of 1 through 5:

Level 1 = Falls into the bottom 5% of schools
Level 2 = Falls between 5% and 15% of schools
Level 3 = Falls between 15% and 44% of schools
Level 4 = Falls between 44% and 90% of schools
Level 5 = Falls into the top 10% of schools

How are overall school level ratings calculated?

An important change in the new ratings system is a shift in focus from student achievement to student growth. Overall school level ratings are calculated using weighted formulas. Points are determined for a number of performance indicators; those indicators are weighted as follows:

Schools receive an overall school level score of 1-5. These ratings are computed using a relatively complex formula using two years of performance data weighted in the following ways.

For Elementary and Middle Schools

Academic Achievement 25%
Academic Growth 50%
Subgroup Growth 25%

For High Schools

Academic Achievement 20%
Academic Growth 20%
Subgroup Growth 10%
Graduation 35%
Subgroup Graduation 15%

Comparison schools

The new report card also compares each school’s rating with up to 20 schools with similar demographics, and assigns each a designation of above average, about average, and below average based on that comparison. To determine comparison schools, an index is calculated based on the following factors: economically disadvantaged, English learner, underserved race/ethnicity, and mobility. School size is not considered in determining comparison schools.

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