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Oh no! Not my child! Destigmatizing Addiction

“As a parent, it was difficult for us to process that OUR CHILD was using DRUGS.” Do you know a family going through this painful fact-finding process? Please invite them to attend, for every one of these kids with a SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER is someone’s child. Come join this panel of parents as they share their personal stories and where they are at today. Refusing to hide behind STIGMA and SHAME, they will openly share the potential signs of drug use, and the lessons they learned the hard way. Sharing stories about  where their children first learned about drugs and why they started experimenting. Come listen to these parent’s heart-tugging stories with a clear message that this can touch any family! Color, culture, and income play no part – no family is immune. Sharing what they did wrong is as important as what they did right. They will also share ways community members can help fight this Opioid Crisis to keep more of our children from going down this road.  Caught soon enough, it is a recoverable road. As a community collectively, and as a parent individually, this is a JOINT ACTION.

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