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​OCSD Students Perform Above State Average in Newly Released Statewide Test Scores

On September 17th, the state shared results for each district, school, student group, and statewide averages for tests in English, math, and science. Once again, Oregon City School District students overall performed better than the state average.

Last year, the Oregon Department of Education rolled out new statewide assessments for English Language Arts and Mathematics. The new assessments move beyond memorization and multiple choice tests. In each test students are asked to think critically to better reflect and measure real-world problem-solving skills.

Forensics Workshop at Oregon City High School

"At a crime scene, witnesses may be untrustworthy, but 'blood spatter doesn’t lie.' These are the words that Sherry Fiester lives by, and words she shared with 70 students at Oregon City High School last week when she presented a three-day seminar, 'CSI: Forensics.' Fiester is a certified senior crime scene investigator and an expert in blood-spatter analysis in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida; she is now retired from police work, but continues to lecture and offer workshops in her field of expertise."

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Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences Team Win Robotics Tournament

Oregon City, Oregon – March 5, 2015 – The Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences FIRST Robotics Team, Skynet 2550 in alliance with the Bowtie Brigade and Shockwave teams, won the District Tournament hosted this past weekend in Oregon City. For this years challenge 3000 teams from around the world received their supplies and instructions at the same time in early January. Recycle Rush was the name of this year's challenge.

Beyond winning the district tournament, the Skynet team also won the Quality Award for the robot they built. In the beginning, the Skynet robot was not responding, and it cost the team valuable points.

"After a disappointing start in the first two rounds, our students showed great perseverance and focus moving from 28th place to 2nd place when the qualifying rounds concluded," said Kyle Laier, Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences' Principal. "We are most proud of our students conducting themselves with gracious professionalism throughout the tournament."

Oregon City School District to Offer Full-Day Kindergarten

The Oregon City School Board voted to establish a District-wide full-day kindergarten program beginning in the 2015-16 school year. The implementation cost is an estimated $1.8 million to cover additional staffing, instructional materials, furniture and building adjustments. The improvement is made possible because the Oregon Legislature authorized school districts to claim full funding from the State School Fund for full-day kindergarten beginning next school year.


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