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Text/SMS Notifications

Signup to receive notification via Text Message using the instructions on this page.

This service is not intended to replace existing communications, but rather help enhance them.

  • Send "yes" to "67587" to opt-in and enable your phone to receive notifications from your student's school and the district. 
  • If your mobile number is on file with your student's school you will be able to receive text notifications after completing this opt-in process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will parents and guardians be informed of of the new Text/SMS notification opt-in process during initial roll-out in 2015? 

  • Email notifications from each building principal and/or included in school newsletters. 
  • Banner ads on each school website
  • Posts on each school's Facebook page
  • Post on the district's Facebook page
  • Post to the district's Twitter feed @ocsd62
  • Banner ads on the district website  

How often will I get text/sms message notifications?  

Each building principal and the district is committed to reserving text messages for key announcements, closures and emergency alerts. It has been recommended to each building principal to send no more than two key announcements per month.  You can expect to get somewhere between 0-5 messages per month. Additional messages could be the result of emergency/weather situations that require continual updates. If you have students in multiple schools that would likely increase the number of message you get as well.  

Will I receive text messages from more than one school?

You will only receive a district wide text messages with information that pertains to all families in the district. If you have students in more than one school, you will likely get text messages from each school. 

Can I opt-out of getting text/sms messages in the future? 

Yes, you can opt-out at anytime. Simply text "stop" to "67587" and your mobile number will no longer receive key messages, closures or emergency alerts from your student's school or the district. 

Will I be charged for text/sms messages that I receive from SchoolMessenger? 

No, SchoolMessenger does not charge recipients for the text messages that they receive. However, your wireless provider may charge you for individual text messages depending on your wireless plan. 

What if I get an error message when trying to opt-in to the text/sms service? 

If you receive what appears to be an error message similar to one of the following it most likely means that short code text messaging is not enabled on your wireless subscription plan. Possible Errors:

  • Service access denied
  • Message failed
  • Shortcode may have expired or texting may be blocked on your account
  • Does not participate

These replies DO NOT indicate that your wireless provider can't receive messages from SchoolMessenger. Rather, they are an indication that your mobile device or plan does not have text/sms texting feature enabled. If you wish to receive text message notification contact your wireless provider for additional setup and assistance. 

I opted-in, but I'm not receiving text/sms messages. 

You nay not have received a text/sms message for any one of three reasons. 

  1. Your students school or the district has not yet sent a message to you. 
  2. Your phone number has not yet opted-in, or at some point in the past your mobile number has opted out. See instructions at the top of this page to opt-in at anytime. 
  3. Your students school doesn't have your mobile number on file. Contact your student's school to give them your current mobile phone number. 

Why does the message come from 67587 instead of a local number? 

Sending text messages to a large group requires special technology and strict industry restrictions. The "67587" number is called a Shortcode and by opting-in you are giving permission that want to receive notifications from your student's school and the district. 

Does this have any connection to FlashAlert? 

No, the FlashAlert system is different. We use the FlashAlert system to send out press releases to the news media and as a way to communicate district-wide events to anyone that has chosen to receive alerts from this service. We no longer encourage our parents to sign-up for FlashAlert as we now have more robust communication systems and practices in use.  

Is this text messaging solution more reliable that FlashAlert? 

In the past, the FlashAlert had a text messaging option, but it has since be phased out. The FlashALert system used an SMTP (email) gateway to route text messages to phones. Using email gateways for mass text communications is very inexpensive, but not highly reliable. Our SchoolMessenger text/sms solution uses true SMSP gateway technology and is currently the most robust communication solution available. 

Can I reply to the Text/SMS message I receive from my school or the district? 

No, this service is a one-way communication tool to keep parents informed of events, closures, and emergencies. In some situations, two-way conversations and expanded information might be available on our websites and social media. 


Do you have a question that has not been answered above? Do you require additional information? Please send email to sms@orecity.k12.or.us