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Printing Services

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30 AM-4:00 PM


  • Copying 
  • Booklet / comb binding 
  • Cutting and padding


  • Laminating (charged by the foot)
  • Die cutting (bring your own paper)

General Guidelines

  • Print orders take a minimum of 3-4 working days (which includes courier delivery) for turn around time. Please add an additional day if the number of working days include a Wednesday, as I am not here that day. The more time allowed, the better.
  • Your building administrator or secretary must sign print orders, or they will be returned to you. You MUST fill in a date needed. We will not place any printing priority on “asap”.
  • Comb binding requests should be larger than 60 single sided sheets of paper and must be authorized/signed by your administrator. Jobs under that number will be created as a “magazine” format. Magazine booklets are limited to a maximum of 100 single sided sheets. If you have questions, please call.
  • Astrobright paper is for flyers and art projects only (no homework pages please—this is to help reduce costs within our district)
  • The printer/print center does not laminate for you. There is a laminating machine available for your use at the print center.
  • All products are recyclable/reusable from this department. Please feel free to send products back to be repurposed.

Printing Orders

  1. Review Printing Prices (PDF) and Paper Color and Size Chart (PDF)
  2. Download and print the Printing Order Form (PDF)
  3. Fill in print order details
  4. Send Print Order Form along with your additional materials via District Courier to Printing Services