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Interpretation & Translation Services

Translations refer to a written document that needs to be translated into another language. All translation needs should be filled in-house first by bilingual staff (teacher or IA) within the scope of that person's contract and schedule. If you do not have a translator on staff or the capacity of your in-house translator is maxed out, please do the following:

  1. We can accommodate communication sent home that are grade level specific (ex: 5th grade field trip, 3rd grade newsletter) and/or building related (ex: principal letters, conferences, Title I events, open houses).
  2. These requests should be made FIRST through the electronic form Translation Request with at least a week's time for translating. It does not always take this amount of time to get them back to you, but is necessary in case other requests are being made at the same time. Larger documents will take longer than a week to do.
  3. Next, please send an electronic copy of your document (Word documents are preferred) to Special Programs Secretary, Melanie Thornley at using the email subject line: Translation Request (Your School-Document name) or a hard copy via the courier if you do not have access to a .doc or .pdf file.
  4. For items that are student specific and require a parent response or are time sensitive (needed that day or within a week), it is asked that you utilize an interpreter to explain the communication coming home or to share the intended message of that note.

Interpreters are used for in-person meetings or phone calls.  Staff should first try to fill interpretation needs in-house by bilingual staff (teacher or IA). If you do not have an interpreter on staff, please do the following:

  1. These requests should be made only through the electronic form Interpreter Request with at least a week's time to fill the request.
  2. Please note that this also applies to Special Services staff for IEP meetings. Please do not contact interpreters directly unless they are already on your staff.