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Talented and Gifted District Policy

Identification - Talented and Gifted

In order to serve academically talented and intellectually gifted students in grades K-12, the district directs the superintendent or designee after due consideration of staff, parent and the community input to establish a written identification process. This process shall include:

  1. Summarizing behavioral, learning and/or performance information;
  2. Administering a nationally normed mental ability test for identifying intellectually gifted students.
  3. A nationally normed academic achievement test and performance on the Oregon statewide
    assessment, district wide assessment or classroom work samples for identifying academically
    talented students.

Identified students shall score at or above the 97th percentile. Other students who demonstrate the potential to perform at the eligibility criteria, as well as additional students who are talented and gifted shall be identified.

A team shall make the final decision as to a student's identification as talented and gifted. The district shall inform parents/guardians of the identification of their student as talented and gifted. Parents/guardians may appeal the decision of their student's identification for the district program.