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Family Math Activities

 Welcome Parents & Families


This page is especially for you! Check back often for parent information and activities you can do at home to support your child's math learning.


 Important Information:

  • Oregon State Math Standards:  This is what your student is expected to learn at each grade, K-8 and in High School.
  • Math Mistakes:  Making mistakes helps kids learn! This article explains how teachers and parents can help their students learn from the mistakes they make while learning mathematics.
  • OCSD Parent Tips and Support: Handout on how to support math homework and ideas for talking about math with your child. (English and Spanish)
  • OCSD Mathematical Practices for Parents: Handout on the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and the Math Expressions: Common Core philosopy.  This document includes a description of how differentiation occurs in core instruction. (English and Spanish) 
  • Parent Handout

Support for Homework:

  • Homework Help (1-5):  Videos explaining math concepts that kids typically need help with.  A great resource if they need help with their homework!
  • AAA Math (K-6):  Not sure what your child needs to do on their homework?  Short explanations on hundreds of topics at all levels, with on-line practice on each page.
  • Figuring out Quadrilaterals (3-6):  This site provides definitions for common shapes and related vocabulary that kids need to know.
  • Khan Academy:  Videos on a wide variety of topics to support students' learning.
  • LearnZillion: Videos on a wide variety of topics to support students' learning.


Fun & Games:

  • PBS Early Math Tips (Newborns - 2nd Grade):  Help your child develop mathematical smarts while you play.  Fun ideas for parents to do with your little ones, even before they start school!
  • Bedtime Math (PreK-5):  Daily problems you can use to talk math with your kids and encourage them to think about numbers in their everyday lives!
  • Counting with Base 10 Blocks (K-3):  An interactive website where students can build numbers using 100s, 10s, and 1s.
  • Fact Practice (1-6):  Timed practice for basic facts in all four operations.  You can set which numbers students work with.
  • Shape Sorter Game:  Click the matching figures by shape and color as fast as you can.  Don't let the stacks get too tall!
  • Telling Time Match (5 min):  On-line practice game telling time to the nearest 5 minutes.
  • Multiplication Matho (3-6):  Mixed practice of multiplication facts through 12.  Speed and accuracy count!  get 5 correct answers in a row to stop the clock (like Bingo).
  • Math Millionaire (3-6):  Based on the tv show, kids answer math questions to see how much money they can win!
  • Using a Protractor (5-8):  On-line practice with measuring angles. 
  • Math Vocabulary Review (5-8):  Review Important math terms every student should know.
  • Arcamedics Games (1-6): Review games on a variety of topics.
  • Sheppard Software Games (K-8): Review games with examples on a variety of topics.
  • "Acing Math" Card Games:  These games can be played with a simple deck of cards.  Build math skills while spending time together as a family!