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Next Generation Science Standards Resources:
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Inside the NGSS Box (how to read the standards)
The Three Dimensions of the NGSS
Framework for K-12 Science Education
Next Generation Science Standards (Posters): 
Poster 1   Poster 2   Poster 3 (Large Text)
Venn Diagram of Practices
Parent Guides for Next Generation Science Standards
OCSD NGSS/STEM Implementation Plan

K-5 Resources:
EiE Engineering Unit Resources
K-5 Mystery Science (Supply Needs, Specialized Supplies Sheet)
Mystery Doug (Sign up for free weekly mystery videos from Mystery Science)
OCSD NGSS Resource Folder
Kindergarten Pacing Guide (UPDATED November, 2017)
Grade 1 Pacing Guide (UPDATED November, 2017)
Grade 2 Pacing Guide (UPDATED November, 2017)
Grades 3-5 Pacing Guides
Gale GVLR e-book list
K-5 Science Supplies Reimbursement Form

Middle School Curriculum:
IQWST by Activate Learning

6th Grade Units 7th Grade Units 8th Grade Units
Can I believe my eyes? (PS1)
How does water shape my world? (ES1)
What makes weather change? (ES2)
What's going on inside me? (LS2)
How can I smell things from a distance? (IC1)
How can I make new stuff from old stuff? (IC2)
How is Earth changing? (ES3)
Where have all the creatures gone? (LS1)
Why do organisms look the way they do? (LS3)
Why do some things stop while others keep going? (PS2)
How will it move? (PS3)
How does food provide my body with energy? (IC3)

Grade 6 Science/Social Studies Step Up to Writing Lessons 
Grade 7 Science/Social Studies Step Up to Writing Lessons
Grade 8 Science/Social Studies Step Up to Writing Lessons

Supplemental Resources:

Common Sense - This is a clearinghouse for science, ELA, and math resources. It includes reviews by teachers and Common Sense Media.

CK12 - This is an additional resource similar to MobyMax or IXL that has math and science. It does require a teacher to sign up for a free account and create individual student accounts.

Curiosity Machine - This is an excellent differentiation site for K-2 and 3-5 engineering. You must create a free account.
*On the opening screen click on the gray box in the lower right corner of screen to access the elementary lessons.

STEM Oregon Connections - This is a web-based tool connecting educators to industry professionals who share their skills and bring real world learning opportunities to your students. Through in-person matches and virtual real-time sessions, industry professionals connect with classrooms to inspire and expose students to real-world opportunities.