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Backing up Computer Files

Manual Backup Process for Macs

Step 1: Connect to server by selecting Go -> Connect to Server (or command + K). 

Step 2: Enter “Backup/mac staff” for server address. The "smb://" info will be added automatically.  To add Backup as a favorite server, click on the plus sign to the right. 

Step 3: Enter your login name and password (same as e-mail name/password). Check Remember this password if you'd like Apple to store your login credentials.

Step 4: Double click on the folder with your name. 
Note: Your view may look different depending on which Finder view option you have selected. 

Step 5: Open a 2nd Finder window by selecting File -> New Finder Window (or command + N). 

Step 6: Select the folders or files you want backed up in the 2nd window and drag them to the 1st window. 

Once the copied files show up in the 1st window, your backup is complete! 

The default storage capacity for the backup folder is 10 GBs. You may delete any folders or files INSIDE your firstname.lastname (e.g. test.staff) backup folder.  However, DO NOT delete the firstname.lastname folder itself. If you accidentally delete that folder, youʼll need to contact Helpdesk to have it re-created. 


Here are few different ways to select multiple folders and files: 
- Select All (command + a)
- Select or de-select individually (hold command and click on folder/files)
- Select a section (click on top item, hold shift key, click on bottom item)

Folder size:
To identify the size of any item on your laptop, simply click on the item and then press the space bar. 

Activate the Path Bar:
Open a Finder Window -> Go to the status bar at the top of your desktop and click View -> select Show Path Bar.
Now at the bottom of any open Finder Window there will be a directive path of your files. This helps provide visibility to your file or folder location so you don't accidently overwrite the wrong one.