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Connecting Classroom Equipment

 1. Locate all cables and components:

  • Projector, power cord and VGA cable
  • Document Camera, power cord, power adapter and VGA cable
  • Laptop, dongle and power adapter


2. On Projector connect power cord and projector VGA cable to “Computer or Source 1”.

3. Connect other end of Projector VGA cable to Laptop dongle. Connect power adapter and dongle to laptop.

4. Connect Document Camera power cord to power adapter. Plug into power and doc camera. Connect doc camera VGA cable into “VGA Out” connection on doc camera.

5. Connect other end of doc camera VGA cable into “Computer or Source 2” connection on projector.

Models of document cameras vary, sometimes connections are on the side of equipment.

6. Once everything is connected test the equipment. To switch images between the document camera and laptop, use the source or input button on the projector.