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Donate Technology Equipment

From time to time we get requests for donated equipment. Donated equipment is generally unsupported. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis if it can be determined that the donated equipment conforms to current district standards of supported equipment. All costs necessary to get the donated equipment in running shape will be paid for by the building or departments (repairs, parts, software licensing, etc.) at the approval of the building or program administrator.

Please review the following list of items that meets Oregon City School District Standards in regards to your donation.  


  • Intel 64 bit Processor Compatible (MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini) Model year 2011 and newer. 
  • iPad 3+/iPad Air


  • Dell (or potentially large batch of different mfg) with the ability to run Windows 7/8/10 with an experience index of 3.8 or better.


  • 19”-30" Flat Screen (LCD) or Larger (working & serviceable condition) and related cables.


  • HP Laser Printers Networkable

Please No Scanners, CRT monitors and deskjet or inkjet printers

If your donation meet our standards, please download and print the donation form. Once the form is filled out attach it to your donation item(s). The building/program administrator will contact District Tech.

To determine the value of your donation visit Apple’s recycling site for used computer/monitor values. The donating entity writes letter of donation, releasing all ownership of article(s). Donated articles would be considered assets of the district and tagging/inventory procedures apply.

If your donation(s) does not meet any of the criteria above we recommend Deq Recycling. Just visit their site and click on “Find a collector search page”.  

**Please notify the building/program administrator about donation(s). Building/Program administrator will notify District Tech personnel.