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Summer Lunch Program | June 13th - August 19th, 2016

Join us for Free Nutritious Summer Meals for youth 1-18 years old. 

Summer Meal Menu (PDF)

Holcomb Elementary School

Gardiner Middle School

Eastham Community Center

Jackson Campus - Old High School

Candy Lane Elementary

Oregon City School District is an Equal Opportunity Provider. 

​Summer Food Program Flyer (PDF)

Please call Nutrition Services at 503.785.8440 with questions or email Chris Davison at

For more locations and information text "food" to 877877, call 1-866-348-6479 or visit  

Holcomb Fourth Graders Use Engineering Skills in International Contest

This year a group of enthusiastic Oregon City School District fourth-grade students from Holcomb Elementary and their teacher, Siri Anderson, entered The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. The contest, sponsored by Mad Science and, challenges teams of elementary school students around the world in grades K-6 to design and build a Rube Goldberg machine.

A Rube Goldberg machine is a humorous, intentionally over-engineered machine that performs a simple task, in this case, opening an umbrella.

The contest machine was required to have at least ten energy transfers or steps. Holcomb fourth graders first undertook a unit of study on simple machines, such as pulleys, screws, and levers to learn more about how they operate.  

The students worked in small groups to come up with a series of energy transfers that would be successful and entertaining.  Next, the whole team came together to collect materials and to assemble the entire machine, with help from their teacher and two parent volunteers. 

Fourth Grade Student, Alina Sharp said, "It took a lot of time, effort and patience, but it was totally worth it.” Caitlin Davis shared, "We learned that sometimes things can be fun and frustrating at the same time." 

“Kids can't internalize these scientific concepts by reading a textbook,” said Siri Anderson. “I want my students to see life as a science adventure, something that each one of them can grab hold of and run with.”

On the 39th run of the machine, everything went off without a hitch and the umbrella opened, followed by a loud group celebration. The team placed tenth overall and enjoyed the learning experience and competition from start to finish. 

Water Testing

Lead in the drinking water in schools across the nation has become a hot topic of concern. Most schools, including those in Oregon City School District, do not routinely test drinking water. However, in response to recent national and local concerns regarding water quality, immediate steps have been taken toward voluntarily testing to begin in late June. 
Pixis Labs will test the water samples from all school facilities during the summer. Prior to school opening again in the fall, a comprehensive report including test results, recommendations and any response plans will be published on this page. 
Water sources are tested routinely by the appropriate jurisdiction. All of the water for our schools is provided by the City of Oregon City, Oak Lodge Water District and Clackamas River Water. You can find additional information about water testing, and other frequently asked questions by visiting their websites. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Water Testing Process 2016 (PDF)

Water Testing Schedule 2016 (PDF)



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