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The Oregon City School District relies on volunteers to enrich programs for students. Each year, volunteers from all walks of life give countless hours of their time, energy and experience to our students. By working at home and in the school, they help students and assist teachers with our commitment to excellence in education.

See below for all the various volunteer opportunities! 

Getting Started

  1. Review the opportunities available below or those available at each school building.
  2. Consider how often and how much time you would like to donate.
  3. Attend a Volunteer Orientation session held at one of our schools, or read the orientation guide (PDF).
  4. Review the Volunteer Handbook.
  5. Use our online webform to submit a criminal history check. The online process is secure, and only authorized district staff will see the results. Paper forms are also available in all school offices, however the clearance process can take several weeks.

Volunteers make a difference 

Volunteers provide added strength to school programs, establish parent groups, sponsor special events and serve on advisory committees and school boards. They are vital links between school and the community. Everyone has something to contribute, whether it’s a special skill, surplus materials or time to listen to a child read. And everyone benefits from volunteer efforts.

  • Students benefit from the individual attention classroom assistants, and tutors can provide.
  • Staff members who are relieved of routine tasks can spend more time working directly with students.
  • Volunteers benefit from the feeling of being needed and providing a valuable service.

Volunteers are vital to the success of our schools. There is simply not enough staff or available time to accomplish all that we would like or need to do on behalf of students. The contributions of our volunteers support and enhance what the staff can accomplish. Helping children is what teaching, parenting, and volunteering are all about! Your support is welcome…no effort is too small. Your interest in the students of Oregon City Schools is warmly accepted and greatly appreciated. As a volunteer, you are an important part of our educational team.

More reasons to Volunteer include

  • To experience the satisfaction of helping someone
  • To develop new skills
  • To have an opportunity for personal growth
  • To meet new people
  • To learn about your community
  • To explore career options
  • To use time in a meaningful way
  • To remain active and productive in the community after retirement
  • To pursue a personal interest or hobby
  • To create a closer tie with your child’s school

For more information about how to support students and schools in Oregon City, email Volunteer@orecity.k12.or.us.

What opportunities can I choose from?

The Oregon City School District offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers.  Parents and community members can help provide our students with the best education possible by . . .

  • Serving as a tutor for students who need special assistance
  • Making materials for class use, displays and special school events
  • Chaperoning field trips
  • Athletics
  • Serving on school advisory boards, site councils or other committees
  • Sharing careers or hobbies
  • Library support
  • Computer lab support

There are many other options for volunteering in the district including:

SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) Program

SMART is Oregon’s leading nonprofit program dedicated to early literacy, serving kindergartners through third-graders at risk of low literacy and its associated negative outcomes. SMART’s vision is simple yet profound — to transform our children’s future through reading.

SMART gives students the two things they need most to learn to read: adult attention and books. Caring adult volunteers read individually with two children for one hour a week during the school year. SMART children also receive two new books per month to keep and read with their families, extending a culture of literacy and love of learning into the home.

Since 1992, SMART has served more than 90,000 Oregon children, donated more than 1.3 million books, and coordinated more than 2.1 million volunteer hours.

SMART’s mission is clear—to link children and books through volunteers.

SMART serves schools with 40% or more of the students on the free or reduced lunch program.  Qualifying schools can apply to become SMART schools by filling an application.   Currently, Gaffney Lane and Jennings Lodge Elementary Schools are enrolled SMART schools.

For more information, or to register as a SMART volunteer, visit the SMART website at getsmartoregon.org.

Join a District Committee

Volunteering in schools is just one opportunity to get involved. The District also has many community committees and programs that need dedicated participants, such as yourself. Click on the links below to learn more!

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee advises the School Board and approves budget estimates for programs as determined by the Board. The Committee consists of the seven members of the Board and seven volunteers from the community.  Members serve a term of three years, and meet several times during the year for public meetings, culminating in the approval of the District’s budget. Additional time is required to review data and other material pertinent to the preparation of a school budget.

Interested volunteers should contact a School Board member or the District Office for more information.

Textbook Adoption 

Each year the District reviews and considers textbooks for adoption in a specific subject area (reading, math, health, etc.) as well as reviews curriculum that has been accepted by the State as meeting the benchmark requirements.  This review takes into consideration both current and future needs for textbooks and curriculum.

Interested parents are encouraged to apply to serve on the Committee, which generally meets five times during the year.  Most meetings are held after school though there is also a half-day meeting held with representatives of textbook publishers, so they can share their information directly with the committee.

For more information about textbook adoption, or to apply to serve on the committee, contact your school’s Principal.

Site Council

Site-based management committees, generally known as Site Councils, are a key ingredient to the foundation of every Oregon City school.  These committees are composed of parents, classroom teachers, specialists, classified staff, the principal, and in some cases, students.  The councils meet monthly, or more often as needed, addressing issues that affect each school’s instructional program, student behavior, and staff development.  Site Councils also serve as a conduit for information, providing effective two-way communication between parents and school staff.  If you are interested in joining the Site Council for your school, contact the building Principal for more information.

For more information about how to support students and schools in Oregon City, email Volunteer@orecity.k12.or.us.